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Feb 20

Welcome to CCW Labs!

Hi.  I'm Nathan.  I provide technology solutions and corporate training.
On the side, so I'm not a total geek - I am also a weight loss coach.

Enjoy the site!

Nathan Nav Moondi
nathan AT missionobesity.org

About Nathan

Who is he?

Nathan Moondi is a technology consultant & trainer.

He has worked for many Fortune 500 companies as a technology consultant.

He also provides technology training.

When no one's looking, he is also a blogger & publishes FREE video training courses on this site. 

In addition he teaches weight loss, served in the army, is a Big Brother, fixes everyone's computer and tells a lot of dumb jokes.

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Kids & Math

As a major proponent of Education - teaching the importance of mathematics & logic is important to me.

Math & Logic
Click to read more on why all kids should realize that "boring" mathematics can *really* help their adult lives later on!

Windows Tips & Tricks DVD : Now Free!

Windows Tips & Tricks is a very useful training DVD for everyone.  I will show you all kinds of ways to work better, faster and become more efficient.  Now sponsored by MISSIONOBESITY.ORG & FREE!

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Training Courses

 My Video Training Courses

My Services

Websites & Visual FX
High-End Digital Art and Website development.

In Memorial


The Iron Maidens

A fantastic L.A.-based all-female Iron Maiden tribute I help with. To visit their site, please click HERE.

My Weight Loss Site

Awesome weight loss articles!